Jio 4G VoLTE fix Gude, Data On Off Solved 100% Working.

We all know that there are some issues with Jio VoLTE/HD calling with almost all Mi phones. I want to share Two method by which we can use VoLTE/HD calling with our Lovely  Mi phones without any more hassle. It's just a APN edit method,and Fixed deta and VoLTE Both fixed.
I tested it personally with Redmi Note 3 (both global dev & stable rom), Redmi Note 4 (both global dev & stable rom), Redmi 2 Prime (Global stable), Redmi 3S prime/Redmi 3s (global stable), Mi5 (Global dev & stable rom). It's working smoothly with all of these! pls do same process as written, Don't do more or les.

                                                           Now lets come to the point.

                                                                      The process

                                                                 -: Firest method :-

Useful for Global Developer or China Developer ROM's.
Name- Jio
Apn- ims
Apn Type- ims

And just save it.. Your prob got Solved..

                                                             -: YouTube video for guide :-

*Note :- This APN would be hidden after you save it. It's been not sowing in apn Setting,But VoLTE/HD is showing in Status Bar.
That's it.

                                                                 -: Second method :-

Just disable data & VoLTE. Go to Apn & reset to defaults. Restart device, turn mobile data & VoLTE and select jionet apn. Fixed.

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