Which inverter should I choose, between the Luminous or the Microtek?

Which inverter should I choose, between the Luminous or the Microtek?
Luminious is one of the prominent Inverter manufacturer companies in India. Luminious Inverter increases the life-cycle of electrical appliances and taking less time to charge batteries. It has a complete range of digital and sine wave inverters which come from 400 VA to 2000 VA. Now if you are looking for a best online store in India, which offers you to buy in Luminious products, then Amazon is the best option for you.
Irrespective of the brand, pls see the transformer material they use, copper transformer gives better life. Ensure you use only sine wave inverter. Don't go for square wave inverter which is cheaper. This may affect your gadgets too. Whatever the brand you purchase , the way of service they provide is the one which gonna give you peace of mind.


  • Noiseless Operation: The Luminious inverter operates without any noise due to low harmonic distortion comapre to Microtek.

  • Fast Charging: The pure sine-wave output will make Luminious inverter a highly efficient and thereby help you to save on electricity bills. It’s maximum charging current is 15 amperes and charge battery from only 90v ,comapre to Microtek.

  • LED Display: It clearly displays the power back-up status and battery charging time in hours and minutes.

  • Battery Water Level Maintenance: Stay hassle free with the battery electrolyte level indicator. It glows/alerts you whenever the battery require water top-up,comapre to Microtek.

  • Protection: Provides protection against overload, short circuit, deep discharge, reverse polarity and input mains through MCB this is the special features of Luminious inverter.

  • Bypass Switch: The best feature of Luminious inverter will allow the inverter to supply continuous output from the main electric grid in case of home UPS faults (ECO mode)

  • Battery Type: the Luminious inverter supports wide range of battery (12V) like flat plate, VRLA (SMF) & tubular type.

What we like of Luminious inverter

  • It is effective to run appliances like fans, LED TV, laptops, lights, refrigerator and mixer grinder.
  • Equipped with Bypass switch to supply continuous output in case of UP faults.
  • Digital display of power backup in hours and minutes.
  • Comes with 32 bit digital signal processor (DSP).
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Input mains protection through MCB.
  • Easy to install, durable and value for money.


Best choice to those who want heavy duty inverter for home with less power consumption. With a pure sine-wave and other useful features, Luminious inverter  is considered as best for its overall performance and protection. Simply, club it with a good battery for its proper functioning.

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