Comparison of Luminous I Cruze and Microtek Jumbo Inverters.

Review and comparison of LuminousiCruze and Microtek Jumbo

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is an electronic circuit for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Inverters are used in a wide range of applications, from small switched power supplies for a computer to large electric utility applications.One type of uninterruptible power supply uses batteries to store power and an inverter to supply AC power from the batteries when mains power is not available. When mains power is restored, a rectifier is used to supply DC power to recharge the batteries.


So now let’s talk about the review and comparison of LuminousiCruze and Microtek Jumbo.



Luminous iCruze:

Luminous iCruze is a Super Inverter which can run various high capacity loads like Fridge, Washing Machine,

Geyser, Water Pump, Photocopiers etc. It is super because of its Super Design, Super Connectivity & Super Technology. iCruze is an inverter with unmatchable performance and is ideal for residence, offices and commercial purposes. It is compact and so saves lots of space.

Homes and commercial establishments have higher power needs. Also, frequent power cuts can hamper the overall performance of the appliances. Luminous Higher KVA offers high quality and reliable power back-up solutions for running office and sensitive equipment. Its metal cabinet body protects the internal components and adds to sturdiness and longevity of your inverter. It has ergonomically designed air flow vents which prevent overheating during hot summer days. It has a LCD display with user-settable parameters like the battery type and capacity, no-load shutdown prevention and multiple fault detection indications like Short-circuit, Overload and battery deep discharge also. It turns into a smart inverter by connecting with an external Luminous connect dongle. The Luminous connect App is available on Android and Apple store and can be downloaded on the smartphone.


The application Dashboard shows the following statistics: 


a)      In the Inverter Mode: when the inverter is ON, the following can be viewed 

1. %age of load running on the inverter 

2.  %age of battery available 

3. Available backup time at current load 



b)      In Mains Mode: When Power supply is available at home, the following information can be viewed 

1. %age of battery charged 

2.  Time remaining to full charge the battery 

3. Input voltage



c)       User can also view power cut trends at home or office for last 1 year.

About Microtek Jumbo

Microtek UPS JM SW is Jumbo Sinewave High Capacity Series Models with Intelli Pure Sine Wave Technology which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance.It has In-built Time Delay Relay and Advanced Battery Management for Longer Battery Life and Quick Charging.



·        LCD Display indicates system status and faults

·        Micro-controller built Intelligent Control Design

·        CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode

·        Smart Overload Sense

·        Short Circuit Protection

·        Multistage Charging of the battery



Difference between Luminous I Cruze and Microtek Jumbo.                 


1.      Luminous iCruze runs more load with less batteries as compared to Microtek Jumbo. E.g for running 8KVA load, iCruze 9000 requires 8 batteries whereas Microtek Jumbo requires 10 batteries thus saving additional cost of 2 batteries.


2.      An LCD display of Luminous iCruze model with user-settable parameters like the battery type and capacity, no-load shutdown prevention and multiple fault detection indications like Short Circuit, Overload and battery deep discharge. Where Microtek Jumbo shows only display Indications and some features like battery and load details.


3.  Luminous iCruze supports external Dongle Luminous connect app which Turns into a smart inverter. But these features are not  only available in Microtek Jumbo higher variant model.


4.      In the Luminous iCruze model, users can also view power cut trends at home or office for last 1 year but in Microtek Jumbo these features are not available.


5.      Micro-controller built Intelligent Control Design in Microtek Jumbo and where the Luminous I Cruze model has Adaptive Battery charging control system technology (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life.


6.      Both the device have equipped features like Smart Overload Sense protection, Short Circuit Protection and Multistage Charging of the battery




Luminous iCruze is the best choice to those who want a heavy duty inverter for home. With a pure sine-wave and other useful features, Luminous inverter is considered as best for its overall performance and protection. Simply, club it with Luminous battery for its proper functioning and a long life.

Frequently Asked Questions:



1.       Does an inverter use power if nothing is plugged in?

Yes, all power inverters for home or commercial use power even when you don't have anything plugged into them.


2.       Should you leave an inverter on all the time?

Yes, there is a continuous internal chemical reaction that happens inside of lead-acid battery, resulting in gradual loss of internal energy.

Our inverters have an intelligent charging program (we call if float charging) by which it keeps on topping-up the battery, for the necessary quantity (of lost charge) with minimum energy drawn from the grid. This charging algorithm is so intelligently programmed that neither it overcharges the battery neither it increases the electric bill, by overdrawing excessive grid power. So customer need not switch ON-OFF the inverter manually.


3.       What happens when you overload an Inverter? 

Once you overload the inverter i.e. run a load higher than the rated capacity of the inverter operation is stopped, and an Overload LED starts to glow on display. The customer needs to reduce the load connected on the device and then again switch on the inverter to run efficiently. 


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