Spice money ATM Machine All Bank Card Suported

 Device Name Spice Mini ATM Accept All Type Debit Card And ATM Card Only Prepaid Card And Credit Card Swap Not Allowed This Mini ATM Retailer Incentive Same As Spice Panel Any Spice Retailer Any Location Can Buy IT From TECHNO DUNIA CSP TEAM, compact, wireless terminals Wireless pan-India mobile based Card acceptance Only Aadhar card and Pan Card Require For Machine Activation Works with your existing bank account No need to open a new bank account link in current and saving account in both Safe and secure Cloud hosted, block chain - your data safe and secur
Spice Money Mini Magic ATM , All debit card & credit card support + Swipe option & Chip card system available , Maximum withdrawl limite 10000/- one time & a day maximum 5 time withdrawl facility available 

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